EOLIS Manufacturing

Sheet metal manufacturing processes for HVAC equipment and accessories, including AHUs, circular or rectangular ducts (welded or seamed), air-conditioning equipment and houses, the full range of equipment for the textile industry, laminar flows, and custom metal parts.

Our PROMAN software has been developped to give us and our customers a reliable live tracking information of the works in process.

We operate in a 450,000 ft² facility with 120 plant workers. Our primary focus is on delivering products on time, ensuring flawless manufacturing, maintaining stringent quality control, optimizing inventory, and tracking orders. Our outstanding results have been recognized by the most demanding industries and companies

We process approximately 2,000 tons of raw material annually, requiring 320,000 production hours.

Design, Programming

Metal-mechanical processes with CNC

Progress Control, Cargo Management

Quality Control (Raw Materials, Processes, Finished Product Release)

Shipment Management, Export, Final Delivery